"Tanjobi omedetou, Miriam-chan," says Jessica-chan: http://jeshika.blogspot.com

Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!

Well... So far, I'm still scheduling a time to go buy FF9. Guess I'll have to wait till Monday. ::shrugs::

The movie was so cool! I wish I could "fly" like Jen and Lien. D_D I especially loved the fight scene between Li Mu Bai and Jen Yu. They were so perfect, except for Jen in her anger, but Li was just graceful. He's so cool! But why did he have to die!? ; _ ; I'm so melancholy.......
Well, since I'm here, checking out my dad's ancient music CDs.... I thought I might take the opportunity to make a list of my favorite songs:

Coldplay: Careful Where You Stand
Moby: Porcelaine
Lifehouse: Breathing
REM: Nightswimmer (I can take these words to heart, literally... ^.^;;;;)
3 Doors Down: Kryptonite
Shades Apart: Stranger By The Day
Savage Garden: Crash And Burn
Trigun OS: PHILOSOPHY In A Tea Cup
Tenshi Ni Narumon: Ai Wa Umi (Love is The Sea)

Uwaaa...... Ongaku wa kirei desu ne? Hai, kakkoi!!!!

::pokes out a little pennant and waves it around:: "Yay.... (blows whistle in a dull way...) Happy birthday to me.... (feeling very monotone...)"

Well, It's my Birthday and so far, only 4 people have said happy birthday to me. They are (and bless their souls..):

Samantha: Yes, she was THE VERY FIRST person to say happy birthday. Thank you so much! Friends 4 ever!

Qwillard: Yes, anime is the coolest! Hayao Miyazaki especially. ::nods and grins:: Arigatou gozaimasu, Qwillard-san.

Mom: Yes, I know, she woke me up super early, but she did say it. ^-^ P.S. Those crepes are good!

Abigail: My irritating sister who likes to mock kendo using brooms. D_D Well, thanks anyway. ^-^

But, It's still my birthday, so everybody else still has a chance. ^.~ I already know that Michelle is going to say it because... well... We're going to go see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at 4:00!!! YAY! I've watched all the trailers. So cool!!! Qwill says it's really good. He's always right! The idea of a female samurai is awesome. That's why I love Kazemakse.... ("Going where the Wind Blows")

Well, signing out!


Currently, I think I've been dumped in a pit. Of course, I should also mention that within this pit, there is no ladder or other device by which I could escape. It sucks. Horribly. Now let me translate this for you. On the other side of the pit live my friends and family. At present, my friends are all out celebrating and "making merry." They've noticed my misfortune, but are unable to act because of my "Security Gaurds." These hired goons will otherwise represent motives of my family. ::This is the truth:: I've been lied to, then framed. And now I'm stuck. Stuck in a pit with nowhere to go and nothing to do. How nice. x_x

Agh.... My B-Day has flipped! My agenda is being doubled-over with junk. Crammed, smashed, and packaged!
I wish my friends would stop screwing with their SNs and would just pick one. ::shrugs:: They can be so... wierd.

In terms of Cara's speach pattern, she never calls anyone "cute" or "cool," but as "having possibilities." I'm going to have to get back to her on that.

Well, My B-Day is tomorrow and it will be the BIG 13. I'm not really excited, especially since I haven't noticed any recent changes in, well, anything! Variety is a necessity. ^-^

Oh, as an early gift, Samantha gave me the most beautiful Japanese paper cutting. It's so large for such tiny detail! @_@ As soon as I figure out where to buy a proper frame, I'll hang it on my wall ::There's nothing on my wall....::


Chocolate frogs and gobstoppers!
I feel neglected and abused. D_D

My parental counterparts seem to have forgotten me as they had attended my own art show during AAAN. They sped away just as I strode out the door.... Hm, I watched Zenon with Nee-chan while cramming my mouth full with peppermint and slurping down massive quantities of Sprite. I've gone through 3 cans. It's a personal record. x_x

Hmmm, I've done a little remodeling, if anyone noticed, and soon will be trying out new scroll bars, formats, etc. I just need a little time and a lot of help. Not only in instruction, but in common sense. I think I've gone nuts! ::But I'm a mango....::

Current intigues: pinecones, wallpaper, telephones
Latest victuals: Sprite, candy, orange juice
Ambiance: Alert, restless, curious

-Oyasumi, Minna-san, Navi.

I am uninspired. Not that that's much news, so what about today's paper? Today is Arts and Academics Night. I have to go soon and dinner's cookin'. Hmm, smells like spanish egg pie. Yuck. x_x

Hmm, my stupid cable service installed a cable modem on my comp. They toasted the shared connection with my other comp. I swear, I shall have revenge.

Currently registering my handle on pIRCh as FizzyPop. Cola -Tsunagaru.

If the world was purple, everyone would be colorblind.
Orange.... I'm feeling very orange...
Well, today kinda sucked. I feel really strange, considering I keep forgetting that my B-day is on Saturday. This has never happened before! I must be really deppressed or else bored out of my mind. Bored, bored, bored.

Hmm, I've been able to save up enough for FF9. ^-^ I'm hoping to snatch a quick trip to Comp USA and get it. The animation is so adorable! Well, I'm working on setting up mIRC so, see ya.


Ack... I ment Hair.
Ooo... Just changed the name from "Ultracrepidarians and Haiar Gel" to "Pinstriped Wall Flowers."

Cute. ::nods::
These posts are pretty fast. ^-^
Well, apparentaly it does. Cool. ^-^

Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin!

Currently, my page is in a terrible condition and frankly, progress is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. It's probably because my agenda is being crammed with extra assignments and unecessary emergencies. Bleh... Speaking of my page, when I was working on the bit maps a wierd little icon appeared and started making faces. Strange. When I quit drawing, it frowned, and smiled when I worked. ::shrugs:: Whatever.

Sheesh! What is it with Shelly and hermaferdites made in China? I won't ask...
Does this thing automatically post the date? It should.... But I wouldn't know. This is my first post on this brand "spanking" new blog. So, let's test it, shall we?