Agh! I wish someone knew where to find a good guestbook service. Preferrably one where you can edit the HTML manually.

I recently recieved a rather odd phone call from the bishop of my ward... (Religious.) He just "wants to talk to me." Well, that's fine and dandy but he didn't mention what and I have an eerie feeling that it is a negative subject anyhow, or that this has something to do with my future. Of course, when have my premonitions ever been right?
I haven't had my required dose of sugar and the juices in my brain are running at a deadly low level... That last post I made is just kinky. D_D And another thing. Do you see those little squigglies on it? That was written in Japanese. Of course, it didn't work. ::deadbeat::

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to record dinner conversation. I don't know how many people will find this funny, but it's always worth a look:

KC: It seems like a chopy situation....

AC: Yeah, always on the lamb.

DE: What are the ramifications of that?

AC: ....

KC: ....

Midi: You lost me at the part about the lamb.

I'm currently researching J.R. Tolkien's "Father Christmas Letters." It's basically a story and collection of post cards and letters about Fth. Chr. contacting the Tolkien children each Christmas and telling them about himself and the S-o-u-t-h Pole. (The North Pole is an ocean expanse.) He even tells them about the attack of the goblins, which, as far as I know, is brought on by the alluring apppearance of wrapped gifts. Hey, monsters should get presents too!

Well, I have no time what-so-ever and better book it or I'll miss that yellow turd, commonly referred to as the school bus.



I should mention that the weather has been beautiful today. The sun is out and a cool breeze passes through. The day before, it was snowing terribly. The flakes were the size of golf balls! But to the misfortune of all students, the fluff never compounded and the roads didn't ice. ::chilly::

Has anyone ever tried Isreali Nutella? It's to die for! My parents bought a couple of jars when they went to Egypt, but they've dissappeared into our stomaches. Uwa!


P.S. You have to love global IMEs. ^-^


Yay! I just found my list of fellow fruit!

Kiwi: Roxy < Juicy fruit delux! >
Watermelon: Yvette < Suika ga daisuki! >
Lemon|Limes: Samantha < Smucker, pucker, sweet. >
Banana: Hernan < Banana bana bo bana, Hernana! >
Canned Pears: Simon < Canned? Eeeew... >
Pineapple: Patrick < Pending? >
Strawberry: Graham < I hate you for this... >
Apple: Nick < I didn't know he joined this clique... >
Cherry: Elliot < Color coded, I see. >
Peaches: Natalie < The Peachy Princess! >
Zip, Zilch, Zero: Cammy < All the good picks are gone.... forever! >
Nada, Non: Jessica < ::blinks:: doko wa anata no kudamono desu ka? >

I forgot to mention myself. ^-^

Mango: Me!!! < Sugoi, ne? Uwa.... *.* Sore wa watashino desu. ::swells with pride:: >

How much primate have you had today!? Urban Monkey! Nobody cares jack about apes, but I can assure you, they have the coolest desktops and movies! Just check it out. ::PEACE::

Well, it's obvious who the hippie is here.... ::innocent:: As a matter of fact, I was earlier noting to my siblings the "hippie" philosophy and how society would probably be better off if it had a taste. Imagine, flowers e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.... Stripes, color splashes, tattoos.... Ok, so I won't go that far. ^.^;;;; I've also recently become aware of the rapid change in style. My mother says it is similar to going back in time. Afros, flares, tons of jewelery, and slogans for peace have suddenly become a modern fad! Hey, so I also follow the fasions.... Or so I try, only giving them my own twist. ::sugar and spice make everything nice::

Who knew that floral patterns could be so.... interesting? No one but me, I can assure you.

After watching my brother dance around the room unraveling a ball of twineand stuffing it in and around things, I finally decided to move on to better thangs. Like finishing off the last of the orange sherbert or getting to watch all of the 3 videos your mom rented from Blockbuster and Holley Wood Video. ::looks around for the pizza and popcorn...:: I saw the ending to Maze. It was horrifying.... It's what I would call a mix between robotic disco and the backyard compost pile. Pretty nasty. ^.^;;;;