I'm kinda bored. I've been trying to find a place to download Gasaraki for MB. She keeps nagging, so I'm trying. I've created a page for the few pics I drew and editted on the comp, though "Peeps" isn't uploaded yet. You can find the link on the menu to the left. ^-^

I should be leaving in a few minutes with MB to check out a few stores. They're full of manga books, or so I heard. *.* Can't wait!


Career day was a drag. My group was supposed to see a Recording Artist, but the guy never showed up. We moved on to banking, and that was interesting, at least when the speaker talked on the subject of the income curve. Our next patron taught us a little on the topic of acting. The 4th guest spoke a little on retirement. This is what I remember:
Of all people 65 years and older:

1% are rich. People in this category can live off what they earned as worker. (I.E. Bill Gates, Lawyers, Micheal Jordan...)
4% are financially independent. These citizens recieve a check every so often as a retirement fund. (Ex: Retired Military personel...)
5% are still working. These souls are laboring each day in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle... somewhat.
28% are dead. Hey, most of the male population averages in this group because they often smoke and drink. Not my problem... (Peace and quiet...)
62% are dead broke. Most of the people recieve poor income early in their life. (Take me, for instance...) because of their foolishness, they quit move in with a child, thinking that because they are old, they shouldn't need to work.

So decide how you want to end up. I suggest you take your job and occupations seriously or they could lead you to disaster in the very near future. ::so coffee is addicting, that doesn't mean it's deadly... unless you need it... ::
Today, I am proud. Proud because I completed 2 wonderful works of art on the computer. Each was drawn, editted and saved on my compaq and stored in my file archive. I'll post a link to them when I upload them.

"Humor, at the expense of another, is like the flight of a thousand red arrows revealed and inflicted." -Midi

I wish I could grow faster. When I hit 15, I want my aging to stop. Well, 16 would be a better selection. ^-^ 13 only recently, my peers can pick me out of a crowd and point it out that I am younger. Eee... I hate it so much! "You're an 8th Grader?" "You look so young!" "Wait till you're older." It's not fair that life comes in short doses.

Why is it that when it comes to cash, I always get the short end of the stick? I can wash dishes for 7 people every day, sweep all of the floors in the house, dust all of the appliances, clean up both bathrooms, and still only get paid $12. ::sobs:: I practically depend on my friends if I'm going to get any wants. Needs are snappy though. ::cries:: They barely lift a finger and all once there's $20. ::flops off to room to mope about poor income::


How many of you knew that I am plagued with night hallucinations of my class invading my bedroom every 2 years? ::glances around...:: Ok, so I guess that's new for ya.

I'm not sure if anyone cares, but GW fanfiction has really evolved in the last few months. I especially love "Dangerous Games" by Black Rose. --It's a beautiful story where the Police Department, a few of the Earth government officials, and an engaged party of mafia members tangle into a nasty conflict over world peace. The characters are well described and the plot is bone-chilling... ::gets a tingly feeling:: Amidst the rage, a small romance blossoms within conspiracy and pits lovers against lovers for as the motto goes, "Trust no one but yourself and God." And guess what... Well, I can't tell you. It would spoil the ending. --.--;;;

Earlier, about a few days time, a friend and I curtly discussed paradise and what it would be like. He opted for one thing and I for another. Quite different indeed. ^-^ So, after much contemplation ::big words...:: I came to the assumption that in heaven, one listens to punk/hard rock and eats the food of one's dreams!!! ::‚»‚Î...::

Well, my music is waiting... I can hear it calling... ^-^ Bye.
Hey, everyone can view Japanese texts by downloading the Global IME. Once you install the language pack, read the ENGLISH manual. In case you lack the brain cells thereof, open your browser and click on View, found on the tool bar above. Move your mouse to Encoding, then More, and select Japanese (Auto-Select). Let's try it out now:

‚±‚ñ‚¢‚¿‚Í�B‚킽‚µ‚̓~ƒW‚Å‚·�B‚ ‚È‚½‚Ì‚È‚Ü‚¦‚Í‚È‚ñ‚Å‚·‚©�H

Did you see it? Isn't it cool!? ::smiles:: I thought you'd like it.

::jams to "Sakura Saku":: So kawaii!!!!:: Gotta' luv those Disc Jockey types. ^-^
Hmm... JN won't talk to me... ::sob::
On to the Orient Express! I have a dead man to chuck out the window, a russian fairytale to translate, and a time bomb to diffuse!
Lesson of the day: Ebony pencils and rubber bands don't mix. They make for a lethal weapon.

Curly fries! I have a craving for curly fries!!!! Noone can stop me....
I'm dissapointed in the fact that I never got a chance to say "Happy Valentines' Day" to all of my online friends. Gomen ne! I had JP lessons with Jessi and my mom was fixing the connection. So, in order to make amendments with those fore mentioned friends, I shall sum up what has happenned thus far. ^.~

I was watching Trigun when Jessi came over, more specifically, Fifth Moon. She sat down and we watched a bit of it, then turned it off and left with Ms. Edison. < I love her Lexus! It's so cool! > We left and found the new appartment and garage, parked, and then attempted to find our room. There was none.... Ballet preformances took place, as well as some SAT tests, so we settled in to a cosy little room by the window. Tomo-sempai called to say that she couldn't find the apartment and that there had been a slight fender bender. We all looked out the window and saw a policeman giving someone a ticket. :: I wonder if that was her... :: We waited a bit more, then decided to leave and grab some food at China Chef. We arrived, picked up our order, and came back here where Jessi and I played "The Last Express." < FUN GAME! > Of course, we haven't finished it yet.

And now, my dream:

Jessi and I entered an airplane, accompanied by an unfamiliar blond girl about the same age as us. The airline was unusually small and was painted to look like the sky. The seating arrangements were preselected, but my friend and I were placed side by side in the very front, much to our enjoyment. In front of us were many different flavors of tropical fruit chewing gum, each pack nestled neatly into a large marble brown container. I looked around and watched a boy < slightly older than myself >as he led someone who appeared to be his grandmother, down the aisle and into the seat beside me. I noticed his sad expression as he moved. Once everyone was securely buckeled into his or her seat, the engine flamed and the plane took off. An attendant rose and greeted the flight's passengers, then motioned towards the gum and began to explain the different flavors. Apparently, this flight was an experiment to test out this new product < The gum, duh. > in order to observe whether or not it was safe over night. < I wasn't quite sure what the attendant ment by this. > For the next few hours, Jessi and I chatted while occasionally, I stole a few sideglances at the boy. I blushed when I discovered that he had been loking at me the entire time. < His grandmother slept peacefully in the seat between us. > When Jessi had fallen asleep I sat back and thought about the gum incident. A name came to mind. "Li." I hadn't realized I had said it out loud until the boy 2 seats down fisgeted with something, then stood up. He glared at me with intense eyes. I choked a small whimper and and soon fell asleep to the sound of my own breath. The hours passed by and the passengers began to wake up, Jessi shaking me out of my slumber. When my eyes opened, I was shocked and slightly embarrassed to find out that the old woman and I had switched places. < When did this happen?... > I flushed even more when I discovered that I had been snuggled close to the boy, his arms wrapped around me. I glanced at the apparent "Li" I had called out earlier, and stared at him, upset and confused. No reply.... Just as well, I thought, and plopped back down into the seat next to him, free from his embrace. Jessi began to interrogate me on what happened over night when she stopped and spied on a small piece of gum attached to the back of my cusion. When the attendants saw what she was looking at, they hurried to the area and removed me by force. "What's going on!?" I asked. "It's an emergency, please bring all surgical equipment and proceed to remove subject from cusion." The attendants only chattered about the gum, acting just as if it were a life and death situation. They scanned the article, identified it as mine, then suddenly gathered into a large room hidden by a long, blue velvet curtain. I shuddered at was coming. The boy's grandmother had awoke, so she and I exchanged seats with the help of neither Jessi or "Li." < Thanks a lot... > For the next few minutes I sat and thought, just about the boy, his grandmother, Jessi, and all of our purposes for being here. I came to the conclusion that their was no purpose. < No purpose.... > Jessi and I had come here, but why? For what reason did we participate in this cherade? What I hadn't realized was that the attendants were filing out of the room, each holding a golden lock of some sort or long strands of silver chains. Someone jerked me by the wrists out into the hidden room. As I was yanked from my "spot," Li stared back at me, a glimmer of something strange in his expression. I began to worry. Jessi hadn't noticed that I was being taken away. Then again, as I viewed the other passengers, nobody else noticed either! As I was dragged to the room, the curtain slid around my figure and I was thrown to the floor. I bruised my elbow on the edge of a metal table and gasped in pain. My captor, another attendant, threw a few assorted garments at me then instructed me to change into them." I hesitated and she left. I'm not sure why, but I did not try to escape, but only removed my fashionable jeans and slipped off my thin polyester cloud shirt, and began to dress into the linens I had been "given." There was a long, free flowing skirt made from a beautiful royal blue silk. It dripped to my ankles and was lined with fine pearls that clattered when I moved. The waist band had also been cut low, bearing my abdomens and decorating my sides in tiny gold links. "My mother would kill me if she saw me in this...." I picked up the bodice and examined the seams. It buttoned in the back with small shells and pinned a stream of scarves around my arms and laced through my fingers. I paused for a moent when I had finished. "Now what...." The strange premonition of fear resided in my heart and I swallowed a lump in my throat. I remembered the blue curtain and dashed for it, crashing back out into the room in a flurry of gold ribbons and blue silk. Nobody even blinked! How could these people not notice such an odd event?! Even the noises I made as I hit the ground should have been enough to catch some attention. I looked back over at the boy. Li was staring right at me. Right at me.... I rushed to his side and whispered to him about what had just happened, but he simply stared back. Again, no response. I suddenly cringed when I listened as the attendants' heals clicked softly against the tightly woven carpet. I grabbed Li's hand, scared that I might be taken away again, and he threw me off. I looked back up at him and watched as he just stared at me and his eyes filled with deep sadness.

Agh!! And that, dear viewers, is where my dream ended! I applaude if you were brave enough to finish reading this entire record. ::clap clap::

Well, I have to go now, school, you know. Ja ne!


Pink panthers pinch a pair of purple pansies while putting people in a paranormal panic.

Well, Krispy Kremes happen to be the hot new snack here! Except that there isn't a store anywhere close!!! Agh! ::stuffs mouth with popcorn in frustration:: Well...

Who agrees that Carol and Bobby are a good couple? ::stuffs more popcorn in mouth and crunches:: "Growing Pains" is just funky.
I need to find a magazine.... Preferably one with purses in it!
I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to lately. I haven't been on AIM either. That's really new....

I have too many art projects too.... I have to finish my "Draw-a-collage," the gesture poses, and the chemistry poster for Science class. < Does anyone know where to find Gasaraki at a cheap price? ::bops self on head:: I'm obviously distracted.... >

P.S. I'm not exactly sure what the URL is, but Aluminum Studios makes the probably the best music videos you've ever seen. ::listens to the music video featuring Sailor Mercury < Favorite Scout!!! > and the song title, "Blue."::

Well, if I don't finish that cashew chicken, somebody else will!!! Bai bai!


Alright!!! New speakers! New LAN System! New Headphones! And best yet.... my cable connection is working!!!! And this is how it happened...

When my mother was shopping at Comp USA earlier, an employee strode up and offerred his service... < Hey... That's not uncommon.... > As he walked by, he noticed that she and Ms. Edison were rumaging through the Ethernet systems and other hardware, obviously having trouble with their list. At that point he leaned over and told them that he avoids Prince George County.... For a reason. < Ooo... WIERD! > The pair was irked by the comment < Not frightened because it's a very large store and there were TONS of people within the vincinity. > and he whispered.... "If I return, the police would end up inviting me for an extended vacation at their expense." As he continued, Ms. Edison and Mother discovered that he and his friends were computer hackers. One of these hackers had rerouted his system so that if anyone tried to access his own files, the person would be redirected to the FBI service. < Heh heh... Pretty nifty? > He not only told his story, but went on to select a supposedly "Hacker-proof" system adapter. He said that people hated it because it was virtually invincible. < How do we know we can trust this guy??? > The pair thanked him for his assistance, picked up the last of the things on their list, and checked out their items. "What an unsusual man..." --_--

I got to watch Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie, Princess Mononoke, Trigun episodes 1-7 < Ooo... gotta' love the second DVD! >, Macross II: The Movie < Very perverted, I haven't finished it yet... >, and Magic Knights Rayearth < The ENTIRE 1st series!!!! I watched it in 2 days tops, 10 hours of footage plus all of the extra stuff! > JOY! PURE JOY!!!

Well... What can I say... I've just ate half of this incredibly delicious greek dessert... I can't spell it, gomen ne! ^.^;;;; That's why I'm so hyper.