Patterns Around The World

Waaaai!!! Everyone should check out Character Net! The art is so pretty! I absolutely love their designs. ^-^ Maybe I'll use something for my web page.....
Sometimes Art Just Sucks. No Matter What You Do To It.

Wow.. I've already completed 5 really well done drawing compositions! Of course, Ms. Tyler won't take them because the faces are in the image of an animated character. Dang it. And they're really pretty too.



Mom was sick, Dad just arrived from a full week at the work office. I'm catching a cold myself. ::sniffle:: What I would give to own a heated pillow.... ::rubs backside::
Useless Labor

I'm currently investing huge amounts of time on a page that may never be. Just that. Agh... ::cries::

I need help. That was obvious from the beginning. Hopeless and lost. Well, I need a mentor, someone to teach me design and creativity. Or how to find it. Until, I sit and grow reckless each day. This is insane!

Mood: Confused and yet aware.
State: Conscious of the problem, but clueless as to the solution.
Deep: Worried about time and education.
Wish: Understanding, possibly freedom.
Hurt: Confined and solitary.
Need: Permanant company. (Babbit?)
Blank: I pretty much describe myself as being dead. Just wonderful.

For all of my friends who do not speak Japanese, nor can they write or read it, here is a site for you. Global Cafe. So Here's a happy birthday present for my illiterate companions. ::nya nya::


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Forcast: No snow...
Forcast: 2 inches...
Forcast: 3-6 inches...
Forcast: Over 6 inches...

Some jackass < According to my English teacher.... > pulled the alarm while it was snowing outside. My classmates and I stood amidst our death and chilled, literally. I'll kill em', who ever it was.

Awe... That Microsoft Assistant is so adorable. ::animates the little kitty:: Hee hee... ^-^

I'm currently researching: "Secret of Blue Water"


Mini Trans

Sanzo : Monk
Son Goku : Monkey Demon
Cho Hakkai : Pig Demon
Sha Gojyo : Water Demon (Kappa)

Little dittes from the Chinese Legend Saiyuki. ^-^
Nosh with your TaStY friends!

Today - Tomoko-sensei, Jessi, and I all got caught in Olsen's Bookstore today because it was too windy outside. We browsed some Jewish books and Advice while Tomoko bought a Beatles CD. We battled with the cell phone over dial-ups. >_< < Unfortunately, it was the device that made triumph. >

Does anyone know where I can find a free web design tutorial>? For advanced students??? Bleh... I am devoid of thought...


The Cynical Cycle In Life

Well, If anyone on this "3rd rock from the Sun" cares about it, then I'll have you know that I created a guestbook. ^-^ It's on the margin menu to the left. Feel free to sign it, flame it, or compliment. Please, DX any trash talk before I come to sterylize your mouth with 20 long tons of mouth rinse and Dial soap, personally. T_T

Lately I've had this sinking feeling. No, not in the terms of staff quota or anything political, even social, but a slip in my typical emotional blockade. Eee... I'm eroding. I see that every so often I'll transform into an ornamental drama queen and cry about my problems. When I cease my chirping, I end up acting super delightful and surprised that I could ever have been so melancholy. It's such a silly process, but to my dismay, I'm struggling under the supports in order to keep it from reoccuring. ::pathetic::

My neighbor is a samurai!?

My dog escaped the house a little earlier and I went out to fetch her. She ran up to one of the neighbor's yards and started barking when a boy came out and she came running back to me. < Coward.... > I returned her to the house when I noticed the boy walk around back to retrieve 2 objects: a thin sword and a red flag. ::sweatdrop:: He came out and immidiately took on a fighting stance, then continued through a series of positions and parrying moves. He was so good at the movements and carried them out swiftly, the blade flickering in the moonlight and the flag flashing in and out. ::blush:: I sat by the tree and watched for a while. Until I heard my sister call. After that I would just finish up a few chores then peek out the window idley and glance for a few minutes at the fencing neighbor. My sister complained that I was an unusual person to be "spying on the neighbors." Maybe she's right.
Recycle your spitballs, please!

Did you know that 97% of the male population above age 5 either has been or is currently hooked on porn. I can bet you that the other three percent is gay. (No offense..) Guess what else... It was a church leader who said this. In public. In front of the entire congregation.... That had to hurt. I asked Andrew if he knew about this and he said something along the lines of, "Porn in probably the greatest buy in all of history. Personally, it's my major interest." ::shocked::

Well, I suppose that in accordance with all the pressure I've been getting from my peers on varied subjects, I'm just about ready to burst. My anxiety level has shot up < As well as my English grade, tee hee. >D > and I keep having nightmares about blobs taking over the city, again and again and again....
Wai!!!! I hate alarm clocks!!!!

I'm late! I woke up late! My buzzer went off, and thinking that it was still a holiday, I turned it back off. < Oops... x_x > Well I still have plenty of time, so maybe the world is still safe after all.

My anime preview boklet was on Gensomaden Saiyuki. It's so cool!!!! ::thinks Son Goku is just to cute:: *.* Here is the prologue:
-- Togenkyo was a world where humans and ghosts lived together in peace - until the ghosts suddenly went berserk and started attacking people. It was all part of an evil plan to revive the Great Phantom who had been sealed in a tomb for 500 years. In order to prevent the forbidden synthesis, the heavenly emissary Genjo Sanzo was sent by heaven on a journey to the western kingdom of Tenjikukoku with three companions: Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai. --
Cool, ne? ::sits impatiently waiting for the opening to finish downloading....::


I really am a "Wall Flower"....

Well, after losing 3 hours of work on my comp, I've decided to quit. x_x

Mickey and I crashed the mall yesterday and picked up some "graphic novels" and a few videos to watch later. If I recall correctly we bought the OVA 2 FY video, Gasaraki Volume 1, Ranma 1/2 Book 5, Animage Magazine, and GW Book 1. I also got 2 pinups and an anime preview booklet. After snagging ourselves some grub, we went back to Mickey's house and sat, wasting our time and having fun bugging her sister. At 7:00 we left for the Church Valentine's Dance. What a drag! Instead of actually participating, we ended up reading comics, eating sweet tarts, and playing cards. That's when Banana Boy and Zeke popped in and played some B-Ball and little of BS. Well, sort of. Most of the game was spent trying to get Zeke away from Mickey. She didn't seem to notice that he was groping her on several occasions. Owaia came in, read with me, then we both hit the food court and nabbed some cake. So, in short, I have become a dull entity also known as a "Wall Flower." Hence, the title of this blog. ::feeling very out of place::