I'm so happy!!!! I got the Public Blog up and running!!! Yay! It took me 5 hours.... ::eerie:: Well, the Honor roll party really sucked! I'm surprised. The only thing I found interesting was the fact that no one wanted to shake Ms. Shipp's hand. Instead, Mr. Cole saw this and stood up to do the honors. ::laughs::


Friendship is Precious

Today, Ady was hit with a basketball after she scored a shot. The person who inflicted the ball only meant to pass it to her as is the tradition, but she was resting and turned to meet the object in the face. Her glasses broke and her eye is black. Everyone huddled together and helped her up and as a "community" we aided her injury. < Black eye. > We all laughed together at the mistake and spoke reassuring words. ::warm feeling:: It was kind of cute. < Well, the way in which everyone cared. > o.O
I'm pathetic compared to world hunger.

I'm starving! I didn't have breakfast because I've been watching so much Hana Yori Dango. It's a revolutionary program! ^-^ "Hana yori Dango" is a practical phrase which we translate as "Dumplings before Cherry Blossoms." The advice within in this states that a person should care more about necessities like food rather than material items like cherry blossoms.

Rolling Stones - Paint it Black


Just Misunderstood

After much needed time and an honest conversation, I wish to take back my former rants. They were irrational. He did not mean to direct the "joke" at MD groups, but at his other online circles that began the jists. ::odd:: I hope a formal apology is not to late. John can be forgiving and is a strong character. ^^;;;

Cold Play - Careful Where You Stand
No obvious reason...

Who knew grapejuice was lethal?

Oja Majo Doremi - Vocal #5
P.S., The title for all those mini posts is: "I'LL KILL HIM!"
Ack... I'm too pissed. If I had the right mind, I'd book a ticket to Georgia and go beat up John. Right now. While he's alone at his comp and vulnerable. ::stares::

Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
Oh, BTW, I was listening to a GITS (Ghost In The Shell) by Wamdue Project using the song "King of my Castle." So techie.... But Cool!
OMG... He's so full of himself. If you go HERE and read the post under "I've got the urge..." then you'll see what I'm referring to. That jerk.
Obsessed Personages

There is absolutly nothing better than school!!! ::grins:: Especially when shopping for gossip...Ooops! Did I say that? ::evil:: Anyway, let's cut to the chase. There has been a rumor saying that John is selling a pair of his pants with his autograph. What a dork. ~.^ I would hope that no one is insane enough to buy them, but it seems that if he does opt for selling, Yvette is willing to buy. ::laughs:: AND, Matt even offerred to buy them for her if she can keep from speaking the words, "I am confused" for an entire week. ::falls off of chair::

When the bell rang, I left Ms. Tyler's class and went straight to my locker. A few minutes later, a group of guys < Whom I do not know... > started chanting my name and walking down the hall. I turned around and one of them waved. I was polite and returned the gesture...... ::eerie::

What is the maximum number of pins you can stick in a pin cusion?

Love Hina - Sakura Saku