Bye bye baby, bye bye town, bye bye...

Texas was bad enough... Now it's Aberdeen, Maryland, maybe even Bel Air. My life could be defined as being unpredictable and dissapointinting. What's worse is that with this, there is no "maybe." I better begin packing and start saying my goodbyes. I'm watching my dreams go up in smoke. There was a wonderful art program that I was hoping to attend, but that's not an option anymore. I sit here now, my mother next to me, listing off the schools, housing areas, prices, and even colledges... It's raining. It reminds me of tears, some , and my head is throbbing.

::4 hours later::

Babystitting for a bit today. My brother attacked me with scissors, but I kicked them away. He hit me, so I slipped and banged my head, left elbow, back and right palm. I think I'll be alright.


What is misery to those who have not experienced happiness?
Hey hey! My Chicky Chicky icons are moving around... Now I just need a site to put them up on....

Summary of my day:

Changed my school clothes
Finished Algebra HW
Consumed 3 leechy candy and 1 glass of soy milk
Set off for School
Went to class
Went to lunch
Went to more class
Missed bus, called Mother
Went home and began painting
Answered phone calls
Went to JP
Left JP
Played music
Painted again
Chatted online
Wrote here.

My life is pretty boring, ne? I wish something exciting would happen... Actually, I know something that might do....


Ah! I wish my frames would work. --.--;;; I'm going to start up this super adorable web adoption called Chicky Chicky. It's a place where you can adopt these adorable chicky icons to show just how contagious cute things can be. Eventally, I plan on setting it up so other people can submit their own icons as well.YAY! OMG! I have to go!!!!!


BLAH!!! I've got a new layout and am currently configuring the blogger thing-a-ma-bob. Wish me luck.